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Call 7 Days a Week 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
(405) 635-6891

Dog Training

Teaching and Socializing Your Dog

At Daydra’s P.E.T. Services in Edmond, Oklahoma, I know how much people love their pets. I take a lot of pride in teaching your dog the obedience they need to stay in their forever home. Socializing your dog is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. In addition to basic obedience training, I’ll teach your dog to behave in public and control their anxiety, which results in behavior such as door rushing.

Individualized Obedience Training for Your Dogs

As owner and trainer, I teach a method of positive reinforcement using praise and reward. I teach dog guardians how to process their information, which provides the basis of learning the skills required to promote effective communication between you and your dog. In other words, I will teach you how to “think dog.” Using my skills and techniques together we can help your doggie do right!

I’ll come to you to work with you in your own home. With my basic obedience training, your dog will be able to master basic commands and walk with you with a loose leash. When you and your dog work with me, your dog will be able to learn:
Sit | Stay | Down | Come | Off | Leave it

My advanced obedience training will show your dog how to heel and get them used to socializing. I’ll improve their public manner, such as getting them to sit to greet, and work to alleviate their anxious behaviors, such as door rushing. In addition, I’ll help your dog get over their fears, such as reacting poorly to noise, cars, and people. I also have experience working with deaf and/or blind dogs and using touch commands with them.

Example Case – Cooper

One of my previous dog students was Cooper, who I assessed to be nervous and fearful, especially towards men. He had a tendency to rush the doorways. My treatment plan began with door boundaries and demonstrating proper leash handling on walks. Then we worked on introductions and proper greeting manners with strangers and worked on socializing in public areas. As a result of working with me, Cooper and his owner have become more confident, knowledgeable, and developed better skills to have a more enjoyable life together.